The Picasse communication platform is a very user friendly and reliable system for urgent communication..... read more >>


To be able to mobilize the right people fast and reliable during incidents, emergencies and crises improves..... read more >>


Picasse is developed as a system that is able to meet the needs of a wide variety of requirements for urgent communication..... read more >>

Bedrijfshuplverlener helm

Picasse is active in the area of certified rescue workers with the user-friendly alarm system for calling BHV (certified rescue workers) and other emergency services since 2001. Alarming is done through SMS, Apps, and phone calls. Read more >>


The continuity of IT processes are business critical. Picasse is the urgent communication system to send messages reliably and quickly in case of incidents which threaten the continuity of the company. The system ensures the rapid formation of expert teams. Read more >>


The Picasse system can be linked to a variety of systems and organizations in physical spaces. For example, a fire alarm, building management system or server. Disturbances, detection, and failure of these systems are then as a voice or text message is sent via the assigned to Picasse platform (groups of) persons. Read more >>


Inform or enable large groups of people through the use Picasse system. Deployment of SMS, e-mail, apps and automated telephone calls / consultation ensures the reliability of message delivery is very high. There is also a real-time group communication during this status report available. Read more >>

Low investment

"We were able to start with the Picasse platform quickly and with very low investment. It works instantly with all pagers and phones. Later, we connected the panel and abolished the pagers"


"Many of our employees have no fixed office place.  I am therefore very happy with the user-friendly and flexible apps of Picasse, which tell me where people are and who takes action"

Lightning fast

"With the Picasse platform I'm sure my team is quickly informed due to extra intrusive text and voice messages"


following a number of our customers who have opted for a Picasse business solution.

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