Picasse has helped many clients since 2001 to improve communication with internal and external target groups. Greater part of that communication was instantly carried out by hand is, but thanks to the Picasse system being (partially) automated that communication become much more efficient. Users of Picasses are in various industries, but what they have in common is that they demand fast and reliable communication. Good communication is essential in all sectors to inform the right people in time in case of an incident. Effective communication can avert in various situations that a small accident grows into a bigger disaster. The Picasse communication platform with its high level of user-friendliness has proven itself in such situations back in time.

In some sectors, the focus is more on reliable information and in other sectors Picasse the system is properly used to alert rapidly. For example within industrial organizations is extra attention to physical security and emergency response teams must be quickly alerted in case of emergencies. Additionally, there are other sectors where just a continuity disruption of the ICT infrastructure poses a greater risk and where it Picasse system automatically alerts direction expert teams. Think of financial institutions.

Picasse is able to adapt the alarm system to the types of environments in which are sent from alarms. Think panic buttons that can be linked to the alarm system or an alarm tablet user interface with buttons for a reception. What communication need there is, it Picasse platform communicating quickly and reliably and is able to give a clear overview of which persons in a building are there to help. After sending out a message, there is a status available almost immediately which persons have received the message and have responded to a call. Because the appropriate actions more rapidly in this way be taken threats to the continuity addressed quickly and accurately.

The Picasse team can provide references of users from various industries and is therefore able to think well about it the right solution for a specific sector. Call us at 088-7422773 or look at the aforementioned sectors in the menu.


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