Optimum continuity in financial services with the Picasse communication platform

Within financial services, disruptions in the continuity often major financial implications. Risk management is important in these environments and risk managers pay close attention to threats to the business continuity of the organization processes. The business processes are highly dependent on the availability of IT environments and good crisis. Therefore, there needs to be fast and reliable communication in the event of interruptions (ICT) processes. Picasse is a widely used system to rapidly communicate with the right (groups of) people via GSM or DECT telephone in the event of incidents and emergencies. The reliability of the Picasse platform is extra high, because there is for sending messages use can be made of 4 channels, whether or not simultaneously. A message via an SMS message on a network app, an email and a phone call will be made known.

The following functions are oabeschikbaar in Picasse platform;

  • With one act probing text or voice messages to groups of telephones;
  • With one operation set up conference calls, the system intelligently available (ICT) specialists can call and add to the conversation;

Automatically execute the above incidents linked business critical systems (ICT, fire, building management, production, etc.)


  • There is no dependence on the private communications infrastructure that can indeed be disturbed by the underlying incident or disaster.
  • With the aid of the incident module, it is possible to form rapidly experteams which can quickly restore the continuity of the financial services

Besides alerting in case of IT incidents and emergency response in disasters is Picasse to also put in financial services for other purposes, such as:


  • The automatic reporting of faults in lifts and building management systems to the duty mechanic;
  • Sending an automatic message when a certain minimum or maximum temperature is reached, a security alarm goes off or a server goes down.
  • The automatic monitoring of hardware / software systems and potential hacker attacks.
  • The automatic formation of a team of specialists and bring them together in a conference call.
  • Locating staff indoor (WLAN) and outdoor (GPS)


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