Through smart communication systems fast and efficient help and care

The care is characterized by a wide variety of forms of urgent communication, both intramural and extramural. Picasse has several healthcare customers. Picasse is used for ZIROP. Links with fire panels are certified in accordance with BS: 2575: 2004

Through the Picasse system virtually manage all communication channels and to control whether now is a nurse call system or incident reports of critical systems.

Picasse supplies or integrates the following resources:

  • Nurse Call System and uitluistersystemen via wired and wireless indoor location detection (WiFi) and outdoor (GPS)
  • BHV call system: text and voice messages on Smart or DECT telephones. Integration with PZI possible
  • Outpatient care: Care Phones with monitoring and reporting
  • Monitoring and transmission of incident reports of critical systems such as Fire Alarm Control Panels (possibly to be certified in accordance with BS 2527: 2004)


  • Fast and reliable delivery of messages with priority (average less than 5 seconds)
  • Security by reading confirmation and feedback messages sent
  • Recipients are not location-bound
  • Automatic Dialing and into conference during a disaster
  • Sending text messages (SMS, e-mail and networking posts)
  • Placing telephone calls with voice message
  • Text messaging convert voice messages
  • Shipping from various sources (panic buttons, touch screens, telephones, web)
  • Localization by Wi-Fi and GPS
  • Advanced communication archive
  • Extensive management (groups, receivers, systems, messages, etc.)
  • Extensive options for connecting systems such as fire panels,
  • building management and alarm systems. Activation of the detectors leads to an automatic alarm.
  • The Smartphone application for Android ensures that incoming messages are presented in a distinctive and penetrating way to the recipient. In addition, depending on the priority of the message to be changed, the message presentation. (Priority 1 means that the message transcends the phone in case it is in silent mode or airplane mode.)