Within the sector, space technology and life sciences there is a lot of attention to safety within the organizations. This includes both physical safety and the safety of the laboratory data in ICT environments. Incidents in these areas could cause great damage to the internal and external environment of organization concerned. Think of explosion and release of hazardous substances. Therefore, quickly and reliably communicate in case of disturbances and calamities in the processes and systems of space technology and life sciences organizations. Picasse the system for communicating quickly and alerting the correct (groups of) people via GSM or DECT phone. This may include emergency response teams and other expert teams and emergency services. The reliability of the Picasse alarm is extra high because it can be for messaging uses 4 channels, simultaneously or not. A message via an SMS message on a network app, an email and a phone call will be made known. Since 2001 active in the field of emergency response with its system for summoning emergency response and other emergency services. Picasse solutions are deployed in critical situations where no time to lose and an unreliable alarm system or human error in alarm, are unacceptable. In addition, hybrid solutions where PZI, Mobile Radio and other physical systems can be fully integrated.


  • Fast and reliable delivery of messages with priority (average less than 5 seconds)
  • Security by reading confirmation and feedback messages sent
  • Recipients are not location-bound
  • Automatic Dialing and into conference during a disaster
  • Sending text messages (SMS, e-mail and networking posts)
  • Placing telephone calls with voice message
  • Text messaging convert voice messages
  • Shipping from various sources (panic buttons, touch screens, telephones, web)
  • Localization by Wi-Fi and GPS
  • Advanced communication archive
  • Extensive management (groups, receivers, systems, messages, etc.)
  • Extensive options for connecting systems such as fire panels, building-management and alarm systems. Activation of the detectors leads to an automatic alarm.
  • The Picasse Smartphone application ensures that the incoming messages in a distinctive and penetrating way be presented to the recipient. In addition, depending on the priority of the message to be changed, the message presentation.