Last changes: June 2018

Picasse offers a wide range of communications services, including sedning alerts & messages, setting up conference calls, Geofencing, registration of visitors  through our product websites and

Because of the nature of these services Picasse therefore has certain personal data such as phone numbers, email addresses and names and such. For Picasse, owner and operator of the above services responsible handling of personal data is of great importance. To ensure the privacy act Picasse always in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Picasse further processing the data registered with the Dutch Data Protection Authority. The notification is precisely defined what Picasse data processed for any purpose Picasse processes the data and to which persons or bodies and data are provided. The message of Picasse can be found on, under the topic public records.
This privacy policy applies to all customers of Picasse which decrease one or more of our services. Further change this privacy policy from time to time if new developments make this necessary. The most current privacy policy can be found on our website. When changes are made to this statement, the "last modified" date are adapted version on top of the document. We recommend taking this statement with some regularity, so it is unknown how Picasse protects personal information.
Below you can read a specific topic how Picasse handles its customers' data.


  • Personal Information

Personal information is information that can be traced to individual natural persons. Picasse processes personal data of customers in the first place if they register as a customer of Picasse. Picasse asks include the organization name, name, billing address, phone number and email address of the contact. Picasse then creates an account for the particular application of Picasse. It also seeks to create an account for a user. All these data are processed by Picasse. Picasse creates when you create an account password for the customer. This password can be changed directly by the customer to choose a new personal password.

Even after a customer has registered to be notified of this customer data, such as the customer leaves conscious data (eg on a website Picasse), a fault report, a complaint or an invoice does not pay. These data are recorded by Picasse.

  • Traffic

If there is customer use made of our applications than "transport" us details of these clients. This data is also referred to as traffic data. This involves data from which user (IP address or account name), at which time messages are sent to which phone numbers and email addresses. Picasse stores the data on the sending of messages to any numbers in a message store. Picasse may track whether a customer has logged into a Picasse application and how a customer is using a Picasse application. However, this is not currently done running.

  • Content of the messages

Picasse takes no cognizance of the content of your messages. For the maintenance of the servers that provide message traffic, it is necessary that a small group of employees Picasse, administrators, has access to these servers. It is not allowed to read messages them.

  • Location data

Picasse not process location information of customers who use mobile telephony, unless customers request it themselves for their own use in the context of the attendance service.


  • Services

Picasse processed personal and traffic data to provide our services. For the handling of requests, the creation of an account, sending invoices and dealing with error messages or complaints, processing customer data is necessary. Without processing of the above data, we can not provide our services to customers.

  • The fulfillment of legal obligations

Additionally Picasse under the law to retain traffic data and provide in some instances to third parties. This may include the provision of information in the context of a criminal investigation and to competent authorities.

  • Market research and marketing and sales activities

Picasse will never use personal and traffic data for market research and marketing and sales activities. Customer data before so will not be made available to external parties.


Picasse retain customer data for no longer than is permitted by law and necessary for the realization of the purposes for which your data is being processed. For how long certain information be stored is dependent on the nature of the data and the purposes for which they are processed. So the storage can vary given differences.

If a customer has a subscription with Picasse the customer data in any case be at least maintained during the term of the subscription. The traffic data are stored for six months. After the termination of the contract with a customer returns Picasse (personal) information to the client and this data is removed from the systems and databases of Picasse. Picasse will also provide the customer a written statement that it happened as described.


Picasse take appropriate technical, physical and organizational measures for the protection of (personal) data against loss or against any form of unlawful processing. This guarantees that data is only accessible to persons who by virtue of their function entitled to be there and that the data are used only for the purposes for which they were obtained and compatible purposes. Passwords are stored as encrypted so no one will have free access to passwords. The data is also encrypted from and sent to the Internet applications, so that data can not be drained.
If a password is used to secure accounts and personal information, it is also the client responsibility to treat it confidentially. Such information should not be carelessly shared with others. Picasse advise in the event of a shared PC, always log out after using the Picasse application. This will prevent unauthorized access to personal information.


Should there be a need for advice on dealing with personal data, which were introduced in the Picasse application, there may be contacted Picasse. Picasse on weekdays to provide advice on this on telephone number (+31) (0)88-7422773.