Alarming Tablet

Picasse delivers an user-friendly web application to alert Certified Rescue Workers. In many cases though it is preferable to a have an alarming system which still functions in case the local power supply and internet connection is failing. Picasse has developed the alarming tablet which is operated through the special made alarming application. The alarmin tablet provide a wa

Picasse has extensive experience in developing a custommade tablet with a visual clear and user-friendly user interface. Within seconds you can notify an appropriate targetgroup in three steps. This is done by pressing a "what-where-who" button interface on the tablet. The construction of the screens is fully adjustable. Steps can be skipped and buttons can be added or removed.

The tablet works in sync with the web application and is often used for receptions and in places with changing crew. Because of the simple operation and logical steps, this alertingtablet is suitable for use in various environments. The Picasse alerting tablet also features an integrated GSM modem. This means when the local Internet is not working anymore and the electricitypower is out, it is still possible to alert via the public network. The tablet comes with a metal box and keys to protect the alerting tablet from theft.


Alerting from the sendertablet has a number of advantages over the web application:

  • The tablet is not solely dependent on a local Internet connection via WiFi. The shipping tablet is provided with an integrated GSM / 4G modem and is therefore able to make a connection to the central system by means of the GSM / 3G network;
  • The tablet is able to function for more than 8 hours without power thanks to the integrated Li-ion battery;
  • The shipping tablet is easy to use and speeds up the alerting process. Through 2 to 4 clicks, the user can alert the appropriate group where the kind of calamity and location is automatically placed in the message announcement.

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