Picasse has various apps developed for both sending and receiving alerts via tablets and mobile phones. The apps for receiving alerts provide greater attention value and add an additional delivery channel to receive alarms. This makes the delivery of a message more reliable. An alert message will still be delivered through the company network in case the GSM networks fails and vice versa.  Another advantage is that the receiver is given the option to "Confirm" or "Reject" an alert,  which sends the proper response to the sender upon selection. The sender knows -with the receipt of these responses- very fast who is able to  respond to an emergency call.

The send application installed on a mobile phone or tablet gives suers a user fiend,ly and reliable means to access or to inform people. It is also possible to use the latter application, to monitor the presence of persons. The apps can be used for the following four applications

  • Emergency Response & Crisis Management
  • (ICT) incidents and emergencies
  • Immediately confirm urgent messages
  • Attendance registration

Picasse apps are available for three major vendors of operating systems for mobile phones.

The app "Picasse receiver" is available for:

  • Android
  • iOS (iPhone)
  • Windows Phone  - new!

The app "Picasse sender" is available for Android.

Picasse is constantly working on improvements and new applications. Ask for the Product Roadmap, if you want to know that the next time we will be working.