BHV Helm


Picasse has been active in the area of certified rescue workers (Dutch: BHV) since 2001,  with its system for alarming certified rescue workers and other emergency services. Picasse solutions are deployed in critical situations where fast response times are crucial and where unreliable alarm systems or human errors when alarming are unacceptable.

Valuable time is saved in critical situations because the alarm system is very easy to operate. Alerts can be send from a tablet or PC with just one push of a button.

The use of generic communication devices, such as GSM and DECT phones are an important aspect of the system. Investments in pagers or buzzers can be omitted. Next to that it is possible to create an hybrid system where pagers, radios and care systems can be fully integrated. The Picasse system is able to utilize both public and enterprise networks, to create a fully redundant system. One of these networks may fail without harming the alerting capabilities.


  • Fast and reliable delivery of messages (<5 seconds)
  • Security by read confirmations and feedback for sent messages
  • Recipients are not bound to a location
  • Automatic calling persons and adding them to a conference call¬† during a calamity
  • Sending text messages (SMS, e-mail, apps)
  • Placing telephone calls with spoken messages
  • Text to speech
  • Alarming from various sources (buttons, apps, phones, web)
  • Location tracking through Wi-Fi and GPS
  • Comprehensive communication archive
  • Comprehensive administration (groups, recipients, systems, messages, etc.)
  • Comprehensive options for connecting third party systems such as fire panels, building management systems and security systems.
  • Receive alarms through Picasse apps for Android devices and iPhones