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Organizations communicate with their employees and external relations  in an  number of ways. The most ideal instrument is chosen for each form of communication with groups of persons. There is often a need for a fast way of communication with a select group of persons, independent of time and place. Picasse is specialized in sending text and voice messages to mobile phones in an easy and convenient way. This is one of the main reasons that communication departments use the Picasse platform to quickly send an urgent message to a (large) group of persons. Think for example of:

  • calling large groups of persons, for example volunteers
  • sending alerts about changed schedules, high water levels, tank contents, etc.
  • sending notifications in cases of repairs, licenses, articles, updates
  • coordinating sudden changes in priorities for personnel in the field
  • reports on progress, meetings, status updates


  • Fast and reliable delivery of messages with priority (average less than 5 seconds)
  • Large amount of contacts easily imported into the application
  • Security by reading confirmation and feedback of the sent messages
  • Recipients are not location-bound
  • Automatic dial out calls and conference call creation during a disaster
  • Sending text messages (SMS, e-mail and push messages)
  • Placing telephone calls with voice message
  • Text to speech
  • Alerting from various devices (panic buttons, touch screens, telephones, web)
  • Indoor location detection (Wi-Fi) and outdoor (GPS)
  • Comprehensive management options (groups, receivers, systems, messages, etc.)
  • Comprehensive communication archive

Messages received by the Smart phone Apps (Android & Apple) are presented in a distinctive and persistent way.  In addition, the presentation of the message can be changed depending on the priority of the message. (Messages with the highest priority overrules phone settings set by the owner.)

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