User-friendly, high availability, immediate message delivery,  real time reporting, usage of several communication channels, innovative App's

Picasse is developed as a system that is able to serve a wide variety of requirements for urgent communication within companies. Systems like pagers, switchboards and evacuation systems, only provide a solution that covers just a pa reticular part of the company requirements. The advantages of Picasse are listen below:

  • High availability  (standard 99,98%) through usage of public- and local networks
  • High delivery speed of less then 5 seconds, no matter the number of receivers. The delivery speed of pager systems depends on the size of the pager network (each router adds a delay)
  • Feedback from receivers for sent messages. Automatic delivery detection and automatic processing of feedback from the receivers. Real time reporting to the sender.
  • User-friendly administration through the internet. Straightforward alarming from different devices (web, tablet, phone, automatic (for example from a fire alarm control panel(FACP)
  • Alarming trough several channels (SMS, push messages, spoken messages, apps) delivered on sever devices (phones, PC, smart phone, tablets). A lot additional functionalities like direct conference calls, automatic formation of multidisciplinary  teams en automated control of systems. Even pagers can be connected if the need exists
  • The system is applicable for certified rescue workers, system monitoring, (fire)safety, security, crisis communication and for supporting businesses.
  • Future proof The whole chain is programmable (al least the transmitter and the receivers). Picasse continuously improves and enhances the platform.
  • No investments needed. Only a yearly subscription fee. Picasse has an considerably lower TCO against the purchase and maintenance of an pager system.
  • The system can be utilized as an ”in the cloud” service, so no installations on location are needed. Picasse is also able to interface with the local infrastructure, where an hybrid system can be part of the solution.
  • Picasse relieves the user COMPLETELY. Picasse carriers out 24 x 7 system monitoring, conducts maintenance, delivers support and replacements of system parts when needed.