Improve security and continuity, reduce health risks, faster team formation, lowering TCO

To be able to mobilize the right people fast and reliable in case of incidents, emergencies and crises, improves safety and reduces health risks of your employees. In addition, the continuity of the organization is improved by the restricting the impact of adverse events due to faster recovery. A system that's enabling fast communication within groups, independent of place or time is therefore essential.

The Picasse system provides great improvement against manual calls, pager systems and switchboards (PBX). It is faster and works independently of the enterprise IT infrastructure. It is also an excellent complement to or replacement of internal broadcast systems, slow whoop and radios. Finally, it has a significantly lower TCO compared to a regular Paging systems with local transmitter(s) and receivers (pagers).

Picasse system has a module for the formation of multidisciplinary teams where the system automatically calls specialists from diverse expertise teams with one push of a button. The system automatically dials the next available specialist from each team in case a particular specialist is not available. It does so until the team is complete. The whole team is immediately able to talk to and consult with each other to tackle the underlying incident.